damien's secret



Damien is not your ordinary boy. He has a deadly secret that will destroy him and anyone who crosses his path. He finds himself in a cycle of lies and deceit. Will he confess or self-destruct? The twist will leave you speechless. This suspense story will keep you on the edge of your seat with mystery as the drama unfolds. 

Available in paperback and Kindle

damien's secret II


Damien is back and this time with a vengeance. His twin sister Dawn will be exposed for every evil thing she's done. There are consequences for her deadly actions that must be prevailed. Damien is on a mission to show everyone who he really is and no one will stop him. Welcome to the dark side!

Available in paperback and Kindle

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DAMAGED little girl


This Prequel is the introduction to Sunni's memoir collection based on true events centering a little girl's life growing up in the cold streets of Baltimore. 

DAMAGED little girl is an underground bestseller and a book you will never forget

Available in paperback and Kindle

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a damaged woman

This Sequel starts off with a bang. It's packed with entertainment surrounding the damaging life Sunni encountered as an adult. It completes the 2 part series with an unexpected ending. 

The wait is over! Finish up the series today.

Available in Paperback and Kindle 



Sunni parece una niña normal y corriente; sin embargo, su entorno la obliga a entrar en un mundo de terror y dolor. Crecer en las frías calles de Baltimore obliga a Sunni a enfrentarse a circunstancias inimaginables. 


Disponible en rústica y kindle 

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