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About That Holistic Life!



Spiritual and Mental Clarity

One on one Life Coaching

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Nutritional Guidance

My Story as a Holistic Life Coach?


I've always had a deep interest in nutrition and how it affects our mind, body and spirit. I first begin to study food. How do our body absorb food? How do food affect our body? What food helps what functions of the body? Can food make us sick like the studies suggest?


So many questions. I needed answers. So, I then begin to study the body! What an amazing body we have. We are mentally and physically connected to all the energy of the universe.  The secret to life is health and mental balance. I studied at AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associates) where I became a certified Holistic Nutritionist. I have years of life experience in Holistic Nutrition however AFPA gave me the facts and knowledge to coach others.

I look forward to sharing my interesting journey with the world! Thanks for visiting my site and don't forget to check out the cool items in the store section.


I hope to be working with you soon! ~ Sunni

What Can a Holistic Life Coach Do For You?
The goal is to show you how to accomplish complete mental, physical and spiritual balance from life. We will reach these goals using a 3-step process to achieve overall health.
Step 1 - we will work on the mind. A healthy mind is a healthy body.
Step 2 - we will work on the body using nutrition. We are what we eat!
STEP 3 - we will work on what is the proper foods to eat to support your diet needs.
What makes Naturally Sunni Different?


Life is about balance. I don't just give my clients a new diet, a new weight loss scheme or some unrealistic promise. I give my clients a new lifestyle. A holistic lifestyle.

When you work with me, we will simplify life. Stress, worry and doubt will become a part of your past. Food decisions will be easy . You will achieve mental clarity for all of life choices NOT just food.

I work with each client to ensure we are meeting their life goals

Check out the service page and book the best session for your needs.