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Our Mission is to bring awareness to the many inmates imprisoned without their basic needs, including the use of their immaginations. While speaking to many former inmates, we were informed that BOOKS were a main source of freedom to escape their reality.


After researching many prisons, we soon realized books were limited and outdated. At that very moment we decided not to forget about those locked behind bars. As we all know, we all make mistakes and if a book can help an inmate disappear from their current reality of incarceration than that's exactly what we plan to do. DONATE MORE BOOKS!


Take a look at all the prisons we've currently donated to. Stand up and make a change today! Just $10 makes a difference. 


Click Here To Donate.

Donated Prisons

  • William S. Key Corrections Center,  Oklahoma

  • McPherson Correctional Facility,   Arkansas

  • Madison Correctional Inst.,  Florida

  • St. Martin Parish Correctional Center,  Louisiana

  • Caddo Correctional Ctr.-Mental Health,  Louisiana

  • Maryland Correctional Institution for Women,  Maryland

  • Fluvann Women’s Correctional Center,   Virginia

  • Riverside Correctional Facility,  Pennysylvania

  • Hiland Mountain Correctional Center,  Alaska

  • California Institution for Women,   California

  • Denver Women's Correctional Facility, Colorado

  • York Correctional Institution,  Connecticut

  • Emanuel Womens's Facility,  Georgia

  • Indiana Women's Prison,  Indiana

  • Maine Correctional Women's Center,  Maine

  • Minnesota Correctional Facility,  Minnesota

  • Montana Women's Prison,  Montana

  • Virginia Correctional Center for Women,  Virgina

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