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This Part 2 memoir concluding the book "DAMAGED little girl" is an intense page-turner. This sequel starts with a bang. If you thought Sunni's life would magically get better, you have mistakenly underestimated the power of the streets. All of Sunni's dirty little secrets will be exposed as she matured into adulthood.

As you read life through Sunni's eyes you will feel every emotion as she is faced with many unforeseen challenges. Be prepared to go on an emotional journey filled with sex, lies, drugs, and murder. Your mind will be opened to a different lifestyle and you will witness situations go horribly wrong. Did she overcome her circumstances, or did she fall victim to the gritty streets of Baltimore?

This is Sunni's true-life story; written with passion, guts, and courage. Your mind will race with theories, as you try to guess what will happen next. The mystery behind the words will leave you wanting more until you flip to the very last page. A DAMAGED WOMAN is a raw and unforgettable memoir. Nothing is ever what it seems.

A Damaged Woman: The Sequel

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